Ford’s new 4-Cylinder Engine Family

Ford 4 Cylinder Engine, ford motor company, vehicle applications, ford motor, specific fuel consumption, gasoline engines, mondeo ford, engine families, new mondeo, duratec, ford engine, ford engine systemThe new gasoline engines in the new Ford Mondeo meet every expectation placed on a modern power unit. At the same time, the Duratec HE family represents the biggest engine program in the history of Ford Motor Company. Manufacturing capacities established for this engine will allow the production of up to two million units per year.

With the model year 2001, and together with the new Mondeo, Ford will be introducing a completely new family of gasoline engines, called Duratec HE. In terms of the production volume, the development of this engine represents the biggest engine program in the history of Ford. Throughout Ford Motor Company, the Duratec HE will ultimately replace a total of eight different engine families. Design, development and manufacturing teams from Germany, England, Japan and the United States were involved in the design and development process. The early involvement of the purchasing department and suppliers was a basic prerequisite for realizing a simultaneous engineering process.
At the start of production, the engine will initially be built in two plants to be followed by worldwide production in five assembly plants with an installed capacity of over two million units per year. Although the various locations will focus on the production of certain engine types, each will have the capability of producing the entire range in order to ensure flexibility in responding to changing customer demands in the various markets. Currently, it is planned to use Duratec HE engines for more than 20 different vehicle applications. In the new Ford Mondeo, the Duratec HE will initially be available with a displacement of 1.8L with 81 kW (110 hp) and 92 kW (125 hp) and a 2.0L version delivering 107kW (145 hp). Major development objectives of the new engine include:
– low specific fuel consumption
– design for a service life in excess of 240.000 km and at least 10 years
– balanced power and torque curves
– running smoothness and low noise emissions
– low maintenance costs through elongated service intervals and reduced service content
– light-weight design.

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